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See where students are today, so you can plan for tomorrow

With the data gathered from the KCTC Student Survey, you’ll gain valuable insights into the behavior and opinions of 6th, 8th, 10th, and 12th graders in your community. You can use this information to apply for grants, implement programs, and better understand the influences affecting young people in and around your area. Jump into the data for your Community Mental Health Center (CMHC) Region. Select your CMHC Region and choose the data you’d like to see.

Identify high-risk behavior and take action

The best community programs are well-focused and well-funded. The KCTC Student Survey helps on both fronts. By gathering information on students’ opinions, behaviors, and influences related to alcohol, tobacco, and drug use, as well as bullying and social-emotional learning, you’ll be able to identify risk and protective factors unique to your community. 

This allows for better analyses when considering community action to mitigate health risk behaviors, and gives you concrete and convincing data to use when applying for grants.

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KCTC about the survey

About the Survey

Get further details on the survey and explore the many benefits it provides—and see how Greenbush can help!
KCTC Participation

County Participation

Curious about how many students participated in your county last year? Check out the statewide map.
KCTC community reports

Community Reports

Jump into the reports for your community. Select your CMHC region and choose the report you’d like to see.

See the difference in your community year after year

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When a community participates in the KCTC Student Survey annually, you gain an accurate and grounded perspective on how students in your community are changing, and how effective programs have been. 

The range of ages participating in the study means that you will be able to track the impact and effectiveness on students over a six-year period. This will help shape efforts for future students as well as provide an accurate image of those leaving high school and heading off to local colleges, jobs, and opportunities.