KCTC-Generated Reports

Each year, KCTC Student Survey Reports are generated according to various regional groupings, including results by:

  • State
  • County
  • Community mental health center (CMHC) region
  • School districts and buildings

The table below summarizes which reports are available for each group, as well as the student participation rate required for results to display. Please note:

  • School administrators mustcreate a KCTC account to access confidential district and/or building reports. (School Superintendents do NOT need to create accounts. They simply log in or reset their password as needed.)
  • Accounts aren’t needed to viewpublicly available data at county, CMHC, and other regional levels.
  • In addition to reports, it’s also important to access survey question-level data. Questions are aggregated for the groups above, as well as KDOC-JJS and gambling regions.
All reports are available via the Reports link on the KCTC Survey Results page.

Check out our Help Videos page to take a deeper dive into these reports:

Report Type (click links to view sample reports)Public Data for These GroupsConfidential Data for School Districts & BuildingsParticipation Rate* Needed
At A GlanceState; CMHC regions; countiesYes, with permission25%
Depression and SuicideState; CMHC regions; countiesYes, with permission25%
Social, Emotional, and Character Development (SECD)StateYes, with permission 25%
Summaryn/aYes, with permission25%
CommunityCounties, CMHCn/a48%
*Data won’t display if < 20 students participate, regardless of participation rate.

Also on the Reports Page

In addition to the annual reports generated above, the following are available for school districts and buildings (login required) via the Reports link on KCTC Survey Results page:

Report TypeDetails
RegistrationIncludes details provided by districts during registration each year.
Administration StatusInforms participating districts how many students have taken the survey throughout the annual administration window.

Additional Statewide Summary Reports

In addition to the At A Glance, SECD, and Depression and Suicide Reports listed above, the following reports are also available at the state level:

More Info

If you have questions about the survey, contact the KCTC Team at Greenbush at [email protected], or call 620-724-6281 ext. 366.