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Help Videos – Interpreting Your Data

Want to know what your Kansas 6th, 8th, 10th, and 12th graders are saying about their well-being? View these videos to learn how to access and interpret local data on KCTC Student Survey reports, as well as how to utilize that data for strategic planning.

Create KCTC Account and Custom Reports

This 4-minute video demonstrates how to create a KCTC account and save data to your own customized report.

Understand and Leverage Your Data

General Overview

This 45-minute training video provides general information from 2022 on how to access KCTC Student Survey reports, navigate the login portal, and strategically use data to inform district, building, and classroom planning.

Video topics (video location in parenthesis):

*Video courtesy of The Association of Teacher Education – Kansas (ATE-K) / American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE) Spring 2023 Online Conference; conducted in collaboration with the Fort Hays State University (FHSU) Advanced Education Programs.

Deep Dive into District Reports

This 2-hour video provides an in-depth tutorial on interpreting all four district-level reports, navigating data in the district portal, and creating reports. It also includes an overview of survey changes; highlights trends and insights; and presents future considerations for the evolution of the student survey. You can also access or download the slide deck.

Video topics (video location in parenthesis)

Mental Health Insights, Including Suicide/Depression

This 30-minute presentation provides an in-depth look at 2023 state-level KCTC data for reported feelings of depression, suicide behaviors, and surrounding factors. Learn how this data can inform school and community efforts to prevent suicide and promote adolescent well-being.

Video topics (video location in parenthesis)

Video courtesy of The Kansas School Mental Health Advisory Council online meeting from April 27, 2023.

SEL and Community Reports

SEL Report

In this video you will learn how to interpret district & building level data on the 2021 Social Emotional Learning Report. 

Community Report

In this video you will learn how to interpret county level data on the 2021 Community Report. 

Data by Community Mental Health (CMHC) Region

Check out these videos to view KCTC data by CMHC region:

General Overview

30-Day Substance Use

Risk and Protective Factors

More Info

If you have questions about the survey, contact the KCTC Team at Greenbush at [email protected], or call 620-724-6281 ext. 366.