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Solutions start when you can see the challenges clearly

Myriad factors, both positive and negative, shape the actions of the students in your community. It can be difficult to identify what those unique factors are — that’s where the KCTC Student Survey comes in. 

Conducted annually and anonymously with 6th, 8th, 10th, and 12th graders, the survey provides valuable insights on the health risk behaviors and opinions of students in your county, district, and schools today — so that you can identify and fund the programs and activities your community needs tomorrow.  

To explore the survey results of your area, start by selecting your county on the menu to the left once you click the “View Survey Results” button.

School Administrators

Gain a window into student life during and after school hours with reports tailored to your district.
KCTC school admin survey


See how students like yours view their school, peers, and home life related to positive and problematic influences on their behavior.
KCTC Benefits


Find out risk and protective factors impacting youth related to alcohol, tobacco, and drug use, and other risk behaviors.
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The KCTC Student Survey is data that drives positive change

The needs of your students may be very different from students in other areas. The KCTC Student Survey allows you to discover what the young people in your community are actually doing, and the influences promoting or curtailing their opinions and behaviors. 

When you have this insight, you can direct resources to the grants, programs, services, and activities most likely to make an impact. Plus, continued participation in the survey gives you year-over-year data to measure the effect you’re having.

Leveraging KCTC Student Survey data

Watch this video to learn about student perception data gathered annually from 6th, 8th, 10th, and 12th graders through the Kansas Communities That Care (KCTC) Student Survey.

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