How Schools Benefit by Participating in the Kansas Communities That Care (KCTC) Student Survey

  1. The KCTC provides a way for schools tomonitor important aspects of youth attitude and behavior at no cost.
  2. Data is used to apply for or evaluategrant funding – funding that directly and indirectly benefits students.
  3. Starting in 2017, participating districts with stable participation rates will be provided with a Social‐Emotional Learning data report. The report can be used as a universal screening to identify a district’s strengths and challenges to helpimprove youth SEL and meet newaccreditation requirements.
  4. School administration receive their owndistrict data report each year and have online access to a password protected website to view data at any time.
  5. Many schools use the KCTC to develop a school profile andstrategic plan, using data to identify areas of need and determine what is working and what needs improvement.
  6. It is the only survey that provides consistent and reliable data for local level (school district and school building) and broadercommunity planning.
  7. By administering the survey every year, administrators cantrack trends occurring over time.
  8. The survey measures not only risk factors, but also protective factors – positive trends or attributes within a building, grade, district, or county.
  9. The KCTC Student Surveymeasures behaviors that help schools and communities learn and grow.
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If you have questions about the survey, contact the KCTC Team at Greenbush at [email protected], or call 620-724-6281, ext. 366.

Revised May 2023