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Guardian Consent Requirements

Per 2022 legislation, district coordinators must follow guidelines below before administering the KCTC Student Survey.

Active consent from guardians is required for students to participate in the KCTC Student Survey.

Who Is Responsible?

Each district will designate a coordinator to
manage survey communications

1. Provide a copy of the survey: Post this link to your school website for guardians to view the KCTC Student Survey questions, and state which optional modules your district will elect to participate in (per superintendent instruction): https://kctcdata.org/families/view-the-survey

2. Collect active consent from guardians:

  • Collect guardian consent within FOUR MONTHS of administering the KCTC Student Survey. NOTE:
    • The 2023-2024 survey administration window is open from October 2 – January 31. That means, for example, a district collecting guardian consent during school enrollment June 26-29 could administer the survey October 2-26. Use the Consent Calculator at right to determine your district’s consent timeframe, or see below for a visual example.
    • The number one way to increase participation is to include the guardian consent letters in your school enrollment packets for incoming 6th-, 8th-, 10th- and 12th-grade students. If your school enrollment falls outside the four-month window before your district’s selected survey administration date, you will need to collect consent again within four months of survey administration.
    • Follow the Best Practices to Increase Active Guardian Consent Participation and use the available recruitment tools.

Word:                  English          Spanish

Google Form:   English          Spanish

Google Doc:      English          Spanish

3. Document signed guardian consent and provide a list of students included/excluded to each proctor administering the survey. Please take advantage of our Guardian Consent Tracking Sheet template in Excel or Google Sheet.

Recruitment Tools for Survey Participation – Guardian Information

Consent Window Visual

For additional information, please refer to your local Student Privacy Policy, Kansas Association of School Boards (KASB) resources for IDAE-3, and the Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE).

Revised May 2023