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Whitelisting Instructions for District IT Departments

Please share the following information with your school IT team to ensure a smooth KCTC Student Survey experience.

Some school internet security systems may need to whitelist additional items beyond just the student survey link to ensure a smooth survey process.

KCTC Student Survey

Whitelist these script resources coming from our survey platform vendor’s domains:

Whitelist our survey platform vendor’s IP addresses that may be detected from the script resources in our cascading dropdown menu question on the first page of the survey:

After whitelisting the domains and IP addresses listed above, please test the survey link on a student device to ensure that the survey question over school demographics is working appropriately. Watch this short video demonstration about how to test the school demographics question:

Please contact the KCTC Team at [email protected], or call 620-724-6281 ext.366 if any issues arise. We are committed to assisting your district with a smooth survey administration experience.

Revised March 2024