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What is the Kansas Young Adult Survey?

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The Kansas Young Adult Survey (KYAS) starting in 2017 is administered every other year.  Potential participants were sent a text invitation to participate. If they met the criteria of living in Kansas and being between 18 and 25, they received a consent form and link to the survey. Respondents received a $10 Amazon gift card upon completion.  The survey focuses on the hard-to-reach population of young adults aged 18-25 both in college and not in college. The survey asks about health, mental health, stress, substance use, and driving under the influence of various substances. This statewide survey provides valuable information needed to monitor behavior and attitudes and to plan for prevention. Many of the survey’s questions follow those of the Kansas Communities That Care Student Survey which allows the state to continue to monitor and understand substance use and risk patterns beyond K-12 and into adulthood.